By Katie Brace

WESTWOOD (CBS) – A Westwood woman thought her wedding rings were gone forever. But a persistent and hard-working state trooper wouldn’t let them go so easily.

“I’ll let the husband put them on,” said Connecticut State Trooper Rob Derry.

It was the moment Kimberly Reggiannini dreamed of, though not as glamorous as the proposal and wedding, just as memorable.

Kimberly and Peter Reggiannini and Trooper Rob Derry (WBZ-TV)

“I had given up all hope, so this is insane that these are on my finger right now,” said Kimberly Reggiannini of Westwood.

About three weeks ago, Kimberly took off her rings while in the car. They fell out at a Connecticut rest stop. By the time she and her husband, Peter, went back a few hours later the rings were gone.

“It’s been over three weeks, and so after the first week, I was like no way they are gone. We are never going to see them again,” said Peter Reggiannini.

Kimberly Reggiannini’s rings (WBZ-TV)

Trooper Rob Derry handles the rest stop surveillance. He heard about the story and had a chance to do some detective work scouring the video.

“I couldn’t believe when I saw what appear to be somebody who picked them up, and luckily we were able to ascertain a license plate number. I found a telephone phone number,” said Sgt. Derry. He sent Kimberly a photo to make sure he indeed found the rings.

“They have so many memories attached to them,” said Kimberly.

Wednesday evening, the couple drove from Westwood to the Connecticut barracks to pick up the rings and thank the state trooper who in his own way got to walk them down the aisle again.

Trooper Rob Derry (WBZ-TV)

“I really got to hug you,” Kimberly said to Trooper Derry. “I feel so lucky.”

Kimberly and Peter have been married for a year and half, so this at least gives them a story about surviving the early years of marriage.

The people who found the rings will not face charges.

Katie Brace


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