By Lisa Gresci

BOSTON (CBS) – After more than a foot of snow fell in parts of Boston this past weekend, cleanup in the city has been difficult. In addition to sidewalks, roofs and balconies are covered.

“You see it all the time. People are shoveling off their balcony onto the balcony below,” said South End resident Mike Kaplin.

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A viewer sent WBZ-TV video of what appears to be someone shoveling the snow from one building only to throw it onto the next.

Emily Levine was surprised to see the video. “People are crazy. I mean, it’s a time where snow brings out the craziest in people but I think right now especially with how slippery it is, I’ve seen a lot of people falling, you should be a little bit of a better neighbor,” Levine said.

Man shovels snow onto neighbor’s roof in Boston (Image credit Christopher Haynes)

The man who took the video in the Back Bay says the person on the roof was originally throwing the snow over the top of the building, down at least three or four stories and onto to the sidewalk.

“I flip the coin am I safer walking on sidewalks where they are covered in snow and ice or am I safer walking in the street where I know at least the pavement is clear,” said Kyle Robidoux who is legally blind.

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Especially when people don’t shovel and it turns to ice.

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“It’s hard by now. It’s frozen over,” Levine said.

“And that’s a big problem in this neighborhood because there are a lot of brick sidewalks and I don’t know if you walked around but it’s really slippery,” Kaplin added.

Since Monday, the city of Boston has issued nearly 394 citations for failure to clear snow from the sidewalks.

The Department of Public Works broke down the citations by day:

3/4/19: 5 citations
3/5/19: 126 citations
3/6/19: 108 citations
3/7/19: 150 citations
3/8/19: 5 citations

As much of a pain as it can be, this is New England.

Many feel if snow is something we know we all have to deal with, cleaning it up should come just as easy.

“It would be a little nice to have respect for your neighbors at the same time,” Kaplin said.

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“It doesn’t seem like snow brings out the best,” said Levine. “I think we are all ready for warmer weather.”

Lisa Gresci