By Tiffany Chan

BOSTON (CBS) – It was anything but smooth sailing for passengers on board the Norwegian Escape. The seven-night cruise from New York City to the Bahamas got off to a bumpy start Sunday when the ship encountered extreme gusts, estimated at 115-miles per hour.

“I was definitely scared. We could hear the wind blowing against our window,” said Chad Cooper, who’s honeymooning from Exeter, Maine.

The powerful wind, the couple said, caused the boat to tilt for several minutes – sending chairs and glassware flying.

Passengers on Norwegian Escape brace themselves as chairs, tables slide across room (Image credit AJ Black)

“Oh, yeah! We were frightened! We had no idea what was happening until they came on and told us that a strong gust of wind had hit the boat,” said Keri Ponte.

Terrified passengers took to social media to show the damage.

Norwegian Cruise Line says several guests and crew members had to be treated for injuries, but offered no specific details.

Despite the rough start, many passengers are relieved the boat continued to Port Canaveral, Florida – in one piece.

Norwegian Escape arrives in Port Canaveral, Florida (WBZ-TV)

“We survived it! Yeah, we survived,” said Cooper and Ponte.

The cruise line says the ship was not damaged and the trip itinerary won’t be impacted.

Tiffany Chan


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