FITCHBURG (CBS) – A disabled train on the Fitchburg line caused a major headache during the morning commute. Some riders were delayed for nearly two hours.

Train 404 from Wachusett experienced a mechanical issue and wouldn’t restart. Keolis said the train was stopped in a location that blocked other trains.

The issue has since been fixed. But at least one train on the Fitchburg Line was operating 90-100 minutes behind schedule.

A packed Commuter Rail train on the Fitchburg line. (Image Credit: Jacob Edelman)

“We apologize to our Fitchburg line passengers who experienced delays this morning, but for the remainder of the morning normal service has resumed,” Keolis said.

Frustrated riders shared photos on social media showing packed trains on the ride in.

Jacob Edelman said he saw a man with mobility issues struggle to find a seat on the crowded train.

“The rest of us just kind of stood and tried to hold onto seats. There were some people pressing their hands on the ceiling just to try and hold on,” he said.

The signs at the Brandeis station never changed to alert passengers there were delays. Andrea Freeman only knew because of a third party app.

“People were running because they didn’t know the train was coming at all,” she said. “I saw people climbing down platforms and across train tracks just to get to the train, because folks were waiting out in the cold for a long time.”