BOSTON (CBS) – A Lynn man says he’s lucky to be OK after snow came off a Boston overpass and struck his car windshield Monday morning.

Stanley Paul says he was just leaving Logan Airport’s Terminal A at about 11 a.m. when what he believes was a plow truck pushed snow off the overpass and into his path. He couldn’t slow down fast enough and the snow destroyed his windshield.

Snow falling from an overpass by Logan Airport (Image credit: Stanley Paul)

“A chunk of snow fell from an overpass and smashed my windshield,” Paul tweeted, sharing dashcam video of the incident. “It was freakin’ scary.”

He told WBZ-TV, “All of a sudden it was coming down fast as I was slowing down. It just came crashing on the windshield.”

The cracked windshield (Photo credit: Stanley Paul)

Paul was able to drive home to Lynn, but will have to replace that windshield.

“The safety and security of the public is our top priority. We regret to see an incident such as this happen on our property,” Airport operator Massport said in a statement. “We are investigating the circumstances and we apologize to the driver for this experience.”

Paul said he hoped his experience opens drivers’ eyes to their surroundings, especially on such a snowy day. “Truck drivers also need to be careful going over the overpass and think about the people down [below]. I could have died,” he said.

Logan Airport totaled 10.6 inches of snow, Boston’s biggest storm of the winter.


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