MANSFIELD (CBS) — Mansfield Police created an infomercial for their new “line of Tactical Snow Removal Systems” Thursday. In a Facebook video, police showed off how snow removal is much easier with the proper tools.

The “commercial” has been viewed over 160,000 times as of Friday morning.

“Are you tired of that pesky snow?” the video asks. “Snow is a problem no longer — now introducing the Snow Enforcer!”

For larger cars and SUVs, the video advertises the “Snow Enforcer Ext.” for “36 easy payments of $1.99.”

To demonstrate, an officer approached a snow-covered SUV with a snow brush and riot shield to block falling snow.

Per infomercial procedure, the video then includes a testimonial. “Now that I have my Snow Enforcer Ext., I don’t get pulled over for snow on my car anymore,” said a woman.

Instead, she gets pulled over for speeding.

“From all of us at Mansfield Police Department, next time there is inclement weather, just remember: clear your snow before you go,” the video concludes.


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