BOSTON (CBS) — “Jassy was not in the wrong place at the right time. She was right where every woman has every right to be: celebrating her birthday on a night out with friends,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.

She, along with Boston Police Commissioner William Gross, updated the media on the Jassy Correia death investigation.

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Correia, 23, was found dead Thursday, according to her family. She was last seen alive early Sunday morning leaving a nightclub in the Theater District, where she had been celebrating her 23rd birthday.

Jassy Correia and her daughter (Family photo)

Louis Coleman, of Providence, is accused of kidnapping Correia, a young mother.

Rollins continued, “Let’s not fall into a discussion about whether we should walk home alone or how many people we should call when we are leaving the club. If anything, let’s remind the men in our lives that violence against women isn’t a women’s issue. It’s a problem that men take responsibility for in their lives and their son’s lives and in their social lives with friends and colleagues.”

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Louis Coleman. (Photo credit: Delaware Attorney General)

Coleman was arrested Thursday in Delaware. He is awaiting extradition back to Rhode Island Friday, to face charges of concealing a crime and mutilating a dead body.

“To protect the integrity of the evidence we’ve gathered, there are many aspects of it which we simply cannot discuss today. But the city, state, and federal collaboration here has been seamless,” said Rollins.

She added, “Let me be clear: we agree that, if possible, this case belongs here in Boston, either in Suffolk County or in the U.S. District Courts of Massachusetts. Jassy was and is a part of our community. Her family is a part of our community.”

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“This is about a daughter. This is about a mother whose two-year-old daughter doesn’t understand where she’s gone and will no longer have a mother. It’s about devastating loss for generations of family members who lost a central part of their lives.”