BOSTON (CBS) — Not much is going right for the Boston Celtics at the moment. With each loss, there is less and less confidence that they’ll be able to right the ship before the playoffs arrive.

The Celtics have dropped four straight and six of their last eight games. In that stretch are four embarrassing losses to the lowly Lakers, Clippers and Bulls, plus a road defeat to the Raptors where the Celtics didn’t show up for the final three quarters.  Boston is just 37-25 on the season and in the five-seed in the Eastern Conference, and that trip to the Finals many predicted ahead of the season is looking more and more unlikely by the day.

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They still send a talented roster out there every night, but at the moment, it’s one that has no idea how to play with each other. Players are holding out hope that they’ll be able to “flip the switch” before the playoffs arrive, launching them on that deep run everyone was hoping for.

Steve Burton and WBZ-TV sports producer Scott Sullivan sat down to chat about the disappointing Celtics on the newest edition of “A Slice Of Sully,” and while Sully isn’t ready to count them out completely, he certainly isn’t feeling good about the team based on their play and their attitude as of late.

“I don’t think they’re done either, but they do not look good right now. This season, to me, has just been a huge disappointment. A colossal disappointment so far. When are they going to get themselves out of this and showing us the team that they’re supposed to be — and can be? When are we going to see it, or is it ever going to happen?” he wondered.

All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving remains faithful that the team can flip the switch despite this late-season malaise, because he’s been there before as a member of the Cavaliers. But Sully points out there is one major difference between this team and the 2017 Cleveland Cavaliers.

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“No, I don’t see any evidence right now [that they can flip the switch]. He had LeBron James back in 2017 with the Cavs when they flipped the switch and went on a huge run in the playoffs. We don’t have LeBron riding with Kyrie right now. They haven’t shown any kind of real mettle or ability to fight through adversity,” he said. “They haven’t shown us what they’re made of. I don’t know how all of a sudden they’re going to flip a switch and run through these teams. Plus, Toronto, Milwaukee and Philly are really good basketball teams.”

Burton interjected that while those three teams are good, they are also beatable. The Celtics are 3-0 against the Sixers with another matchup in Philly on the schedule, they split their series with the Raptors 2-2, and are 1-2 against the top-seeded Bucks this season.

But Sully questions if the Celtics are “paper tigers.”

“I don’t think it’s fixable. I want to feel good about it, but I’m feeling a little doom and gloomish,” admitted Sully. “Maybe they’ll make a run, but I don’t know. Peaks and valleys.”

We’ll find out for sure come the playoffs.

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Watch the full segment to hear Burton and Sully’s thoughts on Kyrie Irving’s leadership and Brad Stevens’ struggles this season dealing with the team’s egos. Click here for previous episodes of “A Slice Of Sully.”