FALMOUTH (CBS) – The woman who was charged with confronting a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat inside a Falmouth Mexican restaurant was taken into custody by ICE. The department said she was in the country illegally.

Police said Rosiane Santos walked by Bryton Turner as he was eating dinner at Casa Vallarta and knocked the hat off his head. She then allegedly confronted him verbally.

Turner recorded video showing some of the confrontation.

Rosiane Santos is accused of assaulting a man who was wearing a Make America Great Again hat at a Falmouth restaurant (Image credit: Bryton Turner)

Falmouth Police charged Santos with disorderly conduct following the incident earlier this month. On Tuesday, ICE took her into custody.

“Deportation officers with ICE’s Fugitive Operations Team arrested Rosiane Santos, an unlawfully present citizen of Brazil, today near Falmouth, Massachusetts,” said ICE spokesman John Mohan.

Turner said he was just trying to eat a nice meal when Santos grabbed his hat supporting President Trump.

“It’s just a hat at the end of the day,” Turner told WBZ after the incident. “I don’t really understand why people can’t just express themselves anymore, everybody has to get mad.”

Santos was later released from ICE custody. She has been ordered to appear before an immigration judge for removal proceedings.

“I don’t ever want to assume people are illegal because I don’t think that’s fair to a lot of good citizens,” Turner said Tuesday. “It’s good that they got her.”

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  1. David Scuncio says:

    another Illegal, making this too easy for Trump 2nd term, TRUMP 2020

  2. Brian Lingam says:

    One fewer undesirable. Good job, ICE!
    PLEEEEASE come to Martha’s Vineyard!


  3. Pete Griff says:

    So an ILLEGAL INVADER attacks an American Citizen, want to bet she still gets to stay here.

  4. Elbert Colorado says:

    Why would anyone be surprised? That’s just who liberals are; hateful, violent, bigoted, indecent and racist. Always keep that in mind when interacting with them. Never give them the benefit of presuming to be decent. You may wish you had been less generous with your presumptions.

  5. Remember back when “criminals “ (that’s anyone that has participated in illegal behavior) remember when they kept a low proile, it used to take years to find them. Now they are in your face proud of their law breaking status. I also don’t recall people being attacked for wearing “Hope and Change” hats!

  6. Ken Schroeder says:

    See it all worked out. Anyone that stupid should not be in the US.You can’t make stuff like this up. Assault somebody over a friggin hat and get deported half way around the world. It’s like you had a dream and it came true. Mr. Turner, I’ll be glad to buy you a great Mexican dinner as long as you wear that hat.

  7. Take that you stupid illegal invader!!!

  8. Tom Hogan says:

    I would add that they ought to charge her, convict her, make her serve her sentence with an ICE warrant on her and a slow boat to Venezuela with a map of wherever in Brazil she wants to return to.

  9. Kevin Kellerman says:

    Other side of the wall for you sweetheart…

  10. Jim M. Ryles says:

    Now find out if she was employed , who it was , and trash them…..find out if she has extended illegal family and give them the boot too….then send the entire bill to whatever she it whole she’s from!

  11. Jim Speed says:

    God I wish they could grab every single ILLEGAL and throw their A**es across the border and lock the gate.

  12. Once released, she will never be seen again. she will vanish like a soft taco at Jose’s bar. The bravado of the illegals is frightning. They are acting a bit like the Germans did in Amsterdam, 1944. Invaders not immigrants. Time to herd them out.

  13. Lisa Kruger says:

    They released her to come back for removal hearing. She won’t be back, geez

    1. Samuel Green says:

      That’s sadly usually the case, but with the publicity of this, as soon as she’s found guilty, ICE will be on her shadow until she’s removed from US soil.

      This is karma at it’s best.

  14. Samuel Green says:

    Love a story with a happy ending. Hopefully this story ends with this mentally unhinged illegal alien sent on her way back to Brazil.

  15. C O Jones says:

    This FEbruary keeps on winning. MAGA!
    Hey, I know. Let’s go to a favela in bwa zeel and try that sh:t with a Brazilian Flag and she what happens to us!

  16. C O Jones says:

    cue the intro form Stam, in 3, 2, 1

    Hey, hey-ey, goodbye
    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye
    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye
    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye

  17. D Patrick Dewey says:

    I wonder if this woman will even show up for her removal proceedings. Skipping out on an appointment with an immigration judge should be cause for immediate deportation upon recapture.

  18. Hans Stoll says:

    Time for her to leave the United States. There is no reason at all that WE are expected to absorb the entire 3rd world. It is OK to be just a tad more selective about who we let in here, and that starts with shoring up our swiss-cheese border.

  19. Being harassed in your own country by a foreigner, that is illegally in the country. ONLY in the United States of America is such a thing considered tolerable by half the population (Regressive Leftists).

  20. Kamalahairless Hairless says:

    full SFB.

  21. Randy Dandy says:

    Hell . . . I thought she was going to kiss him. I’d of taken her home and taught her English.

  22. Jay Jones says:

    So, I guess those “black lives matter” hats and t-shirts are just as racist since they exclude all other races, we can go on and attack those folks too now, right?

  23. When KARMA attacks! Seems like anyone who badmouths Trump or badgers a Trump Supporter gets Instant Karma in return!

  24. Kate Craig says:

    Wear your MAGA hats proudly, people. They screw with liberals’ minds and show us where illegals are located. Now that that woman’s face has been shown on social media, she will never feel safe again because we will be looking for her to turn her in.

  25. Chuck Carroll says:

    Santos was later released from ICE custody. She’s in the wind. She won’t show up. Probably off to LA.

  26. We should all go to her country illegally and knock some hats off her and her friends now.

  27. Oh My God- The Hat Really Does “Make America Great Again”!! People react to theme about making America’s economy great again and completely miss its meaning.

  28. Good riddance; get the trash out of our country.

  29. Joe Lovell says:

    At least they are starting now to file charges against these Sturmabteilung thugs instead of just ignoring it. I think they realized that the double standard of allowing leftists to do just about anything while arresting and charging conservatives for spitting on the sidewalk and littering was going too far.
    And an illegal alien to boot.
    Gets better and better.

  30. tngilmer says:

    Want to bet she never shows up for either hearing?

  31. Luis Martinez says:

    One must have the IQ of a radish to be an illegal and pull a stunt like this. Say hi to Mexico, dumb ass.

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