BOSTON (CBS) — Patriots owner Robert Kraft has found himself in the news for reasons he would not prefer. But he’s still got the love and support of his quarterback.

TMZ shared photos Monday of Tom Brady and Kraft hugging on an airport runway in the Boston area. Kraft was returning from a trip to Los Angeles, while Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen joined him for that trip on their return from a family vacation to Costa Rica.

“Tom, Gisele and Robert were all spotted getting off the same private jet at an airport in Boston early Monday … all of the celebrity passengers smiling after the 5 to 6-hour flight,” TMZ noted. “In fact, Tom and Robert were seen talking on the tarmac — with Tom eventually bringing his Patriots boss in for a big hug.”

Such an occurrence would hardly qualify as headline material on most days, but considering the trip took place just days after Kraft was charged by Florida police with soliciting a prostitute at a day spa, this tarmac hug understandably drew immediate attention.

Also of note: an assistant showed a framed copy of The Los Angeles Times from the day after the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory over the Rams.

The headline sprawled across the page reads “RAMSHACKLED.”

Kraft, 77, was named as one of the men facing charges for soliciting a prostitute in a spa in Florida which had been under police surveillance. Through a spokesperson, Kraft denied being involved with any illegal activity.


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