BOSTON (CBS) — Devin McCourty will be returning to the Patriots in 2019. His twin brother would like to do the same.

Freen agent corner Jason McCourty has made it clear that he wants to roam the New England secondary with his brother when the Patriots take the field to defend their latest Super Bowl title. Speaking with Tom E. Curran of NBC Boston Sports over the weekend, the veteran cornerback said he never gave any thought at retiring (that was all on Devin), and has his heart set on a return to New England. But he also understands that the NFL is a business, and things may not work out the way he wants:

First and foremost, if I could be back in New England and all of that works out, that would be awesome. That way it wouldn’t be the third consecutive year I had to move my family. That would be an advantage. But at the same time you realize how much of this is a business and how much of this isn’t dictated by (the feeling), ‘Hey, I just want to play here with my brother and the guys I built a relationship with.’ There’s so much more that goes into it.

For me, (the approach will be) letting it play out. When March rolls around we’ll see where everything’s at and then at the end of the day we’ll see where the opportunities are and then make a decision.

The Patriots acquired McCourty from the Cleveland Browns last March and he became an integral part of their secondary throughout the season. He was ranked the No. 11 cornerback during the regular season by Pro Football Focus and made one of the biggest plays in New England’s Super Bowl XLIII victory over the Rams, breaking up a would-be touchdown pass to Brandin Cooks in the end zone.

After signing his previous deals before his contracts were up, McCourty will now be a free agent for the first time in his career, and he’ll likely be able to cash in following his stellar 2018 season. While he wants to be back with the Patriots, the team will probably let him test the market before making their offer. If other teams are willing to give him a fat contract it will likely spell the end for the double dip of McCourtys in Foxboro.


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