BOSTON (CBS) — Stars — they’re just like us! Even when it comes to video games.

That much was apparent this week when Celtics star and noted gamer Gordon Hayward was playing a video game on a live stream. Hayward clearly wanted to get in one more game, so he asked his dear wife a simple question: “I got time for one more?”

His wife, Robyn, answered quickly: “No. No you don’t have time.”

Gordon did not object.

“All right, guys. I gotta go,” Gordon said, using the same intonation of a teen who was told by his mother to clean his room.

Before Hayward disconnected, his wife could be heard saying, “I’m watching you play video games. How pathetic is my life?”

The humorous moment spread a bit online, and apparently Robyn ended up getting sent some not-so-nice messages. She felt compelled to go to Instagram to clear up the matter.

“I just was reading some comments from people who were super offended from me on Gordon’s stream yesterday saying he didn’t have time for another game when he asked. We were leaving to go to his workout. So don’t get so offended by things,” Robyn said in her Instagram story. “And when I was on the phone, it was a joke when I said ‘how pathetic is my life watching him play video games?’ Don’t get so offended by things. Your life is going to be so miserable if you’re offended by everything people say. I wasn’t even watching him play video games — I had just walked into the room to tell him it was time to go. So I hope that makes you feel a little bit better, and I hope you have a better day.”

The explanation probably was not necessary for most people, who likely just enjoyed seeing yet another light moment in the Hayward household captured on video for all to see.


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