WEST ROXBURY (CBS) – An injured coyote has been spotted roaming the streets of West Roxbury in recent weeks.

One woman captured a video of the animal limping as it ran by her and her dog Tuesday morning.

West Roxbury resident Eileen Dyson saw the coyote pass the woman from her window. “She got very frightened because she had her dog with her. She was afraid maybe the coyote might attack.” Fortunately, it did not.

A coyote spotted in West Roxbury. (Image Credit: The Rose Family)

Boston Animal Care & Control Director Amanda Kennedy said they have been tracking this particular coyote since December.

“It appears that he has a broken or fractured leg, based on what we are seeing, which can heal on its own,” said Kennedy.

Traps have been put out, but it is unlikely the animal would be caught in them. Residents have been warned to avoid putting sources of food outdoors and to be vigilant with their pets.

“One of the things that we recommend in the neighborhood is to make sure that you’re not putting out any unintended food sources, so making sure that your trash cans are covered, that you’re not putting out bird feed,” said Kennedy.

The coyote does not appear to have rabies and looks well-fed.

According to the MSPCA, this is breeding season for coyotes. While coyotes often travel between dusk and dawn, the animals are also sometimes seen during the day when they are looking for food.

Animal control officers are reminding the public not to approach coyotes, but if it comes close to you, scream to scare it away.

Coyotes are federally protected animals. “If you relocate them, they’re not going to be able to survive. And so if you have wildlife that’s being so problematic that you do need to remove them, the only option is to trap and humanely euthanize,” said Kennedy.

Right now, it does not appear the coyote is a threat to children.

Comments (2)
  1. Robert Czikall says:

    You have got to be kidding me. That lady is way over reacting. First off, she has a better chance of getting hit by a Car standing there than that Coyote attacking her. Especially since it was injured. It is this ignorance about Coyote’s that cause needless fear. Hey lady, did yo know that there are about 3 million dog bites a year caused by DOMESTICATED DOGS and only ONE reported death to a Human by a Coyote in our history? These stupid people make me sick. They are the damn reasons why this innocent Animal continues to get trapped and hunted and slaughtered in these inhumane “killing games”. There is NO reason to fear a Coyote period. I’ve been around them for a number of years and within a foot of them with no aggression by the Animal. They are smart, shy and only want to feed themselves like any other wild Animal. I wish the media would quit overreacting.

  2. Jane Werner says:

    Seriously! What a wimp. Stop feeding the fear frenzy. This poor animal needs a little help and to be relocated. Coyotes are essential members of our environment. I hope the traps set are have-a-heart traps.

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