EASTON (CBS) — Pasta made by hand, pizza from a wood-fired oven, and a passion for authentic Italian cuisine on every plate. That’s what’s on the menu at Corfinio.

Corfinio (Phantom Gourmet)

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Located in Easton, Corfinio is simply one of the best Italian restaurants south of Boston thanks in large part to not one, but two great chefs.

Maximillian Calise is the Chef de Cuisine, “I come from a big Italian family and I spent my entire life in restaurants and around food,” he said.

Nicola Battistacci is the Executive Chef. “Food for me is everything. I grew up with this, in Italy you know, we have a big passion of food.”

Together, this Italian-born chef and his American-born counterpart make for a dynamically delicious duo.

Corfinio (Phantom Gourmet)

“Our head chef here Nico, he comes right from Italy and he gives me a chance to learn traditional true Italian food and to translate that to the guest as well, so it gives everybody a chance to taste food right from Italy,” said Calise.

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And all that authentic food comes straight from Corfinio’s big, beautiful open kitchen.

Calise said, “For me, an open kitchen is fantastic. It allows the customer to see everything that we’re doing, kind of get a touch of where their food is coming from, seeing the flames come up from the pans, seeing our wood-fired grill along with our wood-fired oven. I think that’s a great experience visually, and when it comes from kitchen to plate, it kind of completes the whole thing.”

Corfinio (Phantom Gourmet)

In true Italian tradition, almost everything at Corfinio is made from scratch, from the light and fluffy gnocchi to the airy pizza dough, all the pasta, and even the cannoli shells.

“To try to make everything from scratch can be difficult, but it’s something that we believe in.”

Corfinio (Phantom Gourmet)

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And it’s something customers can taste on every perfect plate. “You can really see the care that people are putting into the food. I think every chef that we have here has a deep passion for food, and that translates directly to the dish and to your palate,” Calise said.