BOSTON (AP) — Dozens of people detained by federal immigration officials are on a hunger strike at a Boston jail.

Rhode Island-based community groups Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance and the FANG Collective say they’ve been in contact with about 70 detainees at the Suffolk County House of Correction who are participating in a hunger strike that began Friday.

The organizations say the men are protesting abuse by jail officials and “inhumane conditions” such as bad food and broken bathroom fixtures. They also challenge the jail’s authority to detain people on behalf of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The organizations say the detainees sent jail officials a list of their grievances Feb. 10. A jail spokesman confirmed the detainees are refusing set meals, but are still eating their canteen food and drinking fluids.

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  1. Debra Nelson says:

    I have no sympathy for them. They are given food and refusing but eating canteen food? They have shelter and food. Look out at the streets of Boston where people are homeless, no food or shelter. They come here illegally because we give them benefits, shelter etc. Send them back to where ever they came from. I`m tired of my (our) tax dollars pay for their shelter, clothing, food, medical. There are folks here, who are citizens and can`t get anything from the government to help them. If these detainees don`t want to eat that`s their problem not mine or we the people`s either! *** Grievance`s???? What a joke!!!

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