CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — Cambridge police announced Saturday that they have made an arrest in connection with the Feb. 13 incident where two preteen girls were followed in the Pleasant Street area.

Fifty-two-year-old Lionel Ivan Braithwaite Jr., who is believed to be homeless, was arrested and charged with two counts of kidnapping.

Lionel Ivan Brathwaite Jr. (Courtesy photo)

Braithwaite is a Level 3 sex offender. Level 3  sex offenders are those who are considered to have a high risk of re-offending and who pose a high degree of danger to the public, according to the state of Massachusetts.

On Friday, police released surveillance video of the encounter.

According to police, Braithwaite asked for directions and grabbed one of the girls by the arm. After walking with the girls for several streets, he asked the girls if they wanted to go down an alley with him. When the girls said no, he apologized and let the girl go. The girls then ran for home.

The route the girls took through Cambridge when approached by man. (Photo Credit: Cambridge Police Department)

In a separate incident, the mother of a 17-year-old girl in Cambridge said her daughter was followed in Central Square on Feb. 3. The suspect was described by police as a bald, white man with a noticeable scar on his head. No arrests have been made.


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