By Terry Eliasen, Meteorologist, WBZ-TV Exec. Weather Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – I guess you could say we were due. We are mid-way through February and Boston is sitting at a stunning 4.7” of snowfall for the 2018-2019 season. This is the third least snowy season to date, lowest since 2006-2007 season when we finished with a paltry 17.1”.

This was bound to happen. Boston has been pounded with snow in recent years. Seven of the last 10 years have had above average snowfall (average for Boston being 43.7”).


In fact, the last 10 years has been the snowiest 10-year period ever recorded in Boston with 543.3”. That of course includes the snowiest season ever recorded, 2014-2015’s ridiculous 110.6”.

The strange thing is, during this amazing stretch of record snow, we have recorded some big time “dud” snow seasons.


2011-2012 had just 9.3” for the entire season…and now this year, we have about half of that (so far) with 4.7”.

Any way you slice it, this year has been downright lame. Perhaps a dud of epic or record proportion. But to truly get a sense of how weak our snow sauce has been this season, all we have to do is look around…to our north, to our west and to our south. Boston is truly sitting in a snow hole.



It is hard to find a spot in New England that has seen less snow than Boston this season. Amazingly enough, just 300 miles to our north, Caribou, Maine is having one of their snowiest seasons on record! They have been buried under 126.7” thus far. Boston is not a city that is accustomed to losing, I mean come on this is title town! But we are losing the local snow game badly.

Burlington, VT: 81.2”
Portland, ME: 44.7”
Manchester, NH: 31.6”
Worcester, MA: 25.6”
Hartford, CT 24.2”
Providence, RI: 11.2”
BOSTON, MA: 4.7”

I mean losing to Caribou is one thing, but Providence and Hartford?


Widen the scope a bit and Boston still comes out with an L.

All the major Metropolitan Cities of the Northeast are beating us. New York City nearly doubles us…Washington DC nearly triples us…I mean, come on!


Buffalo, NY: 92.5”
Albany, NY: 37.4”
Cleveland, OH: 25.7”
Pittsburgh, PA: 23.8”
Atlantic City, NJ: 14.8”
Washington, DC: 14.0”
Baltimore, MD: 11.1”
Philadelphia, PA: 10.3”
Raleigh, NC: 8.9” (really? North Carolina? Not really northeast but I couldn’t resist)
New York City, NY: 8.7”
BOSTON, MA: 4.7”

You know what I say to all that? Whatever, our football team is better than yours.


Ok, let’s move to the Midwest…surely Boston will crush some of these winter-pretenders right?

Minneapolis, MN: 39.7”
Chicago, IL: 35.5”
Omaha, NE: 29.1”
St. Louis, MO: 19.4”
Kansas City, MO: 18.8”
Lubbock, TX: 10.1” (TEXAS!)
Oklahoma City, OK: 5.5”
BOSTON, MA: 4.7”

Tornado alley beating us. They can keep their tornadoes, but snow too? That’s just being greedy.


Alright, let’s check out the left coast leaderboard, I mean they NEVER get snow out there…

Reno, NV: 20.4”
Seattle, WA: 20.2”
Denver, CO: 17.5”
Portland, OR: 6.1”
BOSTON, MA: 4.7”

Seattle just had their snowiest month in 50 years…it is snowing more in the darn desert than it is in Boston.

Ok, let’s go somewhere where we know we can get an easy win. HAWAII!!

Wait…what? They just recorded snow in Hawaii at the lowest elevation ever recorded in the state? You gotta be kidding me! Just this week there was snow on the highest peak on the island of Maui. Now granted it is in the mountains, so that is not all that unusual. But this time is snowed all the way down to the state park at elevation 6, 200 feet. I give up. You can’t win ‘em all. Safe to say there will NOT be a parade in the City of Boston for winning any snow titles this year. But maybe, just maybe, we’ll be golfing a lot earlier this year.

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  1. Pb Brown says:

    As long as it doesn’t lead to drought this summer, I’m fine with it.

  2. Dave Howells says:

    I remember the blog posted here about a month or so ago to the tune of the pattern becoming a colder and snowier pattern. “Winter over? Not so fast..” it said, or something to that effect. Well, winter over? Yes.

  3. Logan Airport is an OUTLIER, and even previous weather blogs have acknowledge that the Weather Spotter there had underreported multiple storms by 2″-4″.

    To tell me Boston ONLY had 0.1″ in the November storm when everywhere else within Boston city limits got 2″-4″ IS AN INSULT TO MY INTELLIGENCE! Do you think we’re stupid or something?!

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