BOSTON (CBS) — Coming off a wildly successful postseason performance, one that will forever change the narrative surrounding his ability to pitch effectively in October, David Price showed up to spring training sporting a new jersey number.

The switch from No. 24 to No. 10 has people curious why the change was made. But Price isn’t saying.

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“I’m gonna let you guys figure it out,” Price told the assembled media in Fort Myers. “It’s not that tough. If you know me at all, I feel like you can get it. Somebody will get it, and everybody’s going to be like, ‘Oh, OK, wow. That makes sense.'”

Curious reporters probed a bit more, asking if the 10 has anything to do with the fact that the Red Sox have won nine World Series, so the next one would of course be No. 10.

“That is not it,” Price said. “Not it.”

Might the Red Sox be planning to retire Dwight Evans’ number this season?

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“Uh, not to my knowledge,” Price answered. “I mean, I do think he will be a Hall of Famer, so I do think it will be up there at some point. But I don’t know about that.

Is the switch a tribute to Lefty Grove, who wore No. 10 for the Red Sox from 1934-41?

“Uh, that’s not it either,” Price said. “Sweet. He was a good pitcher.”

For what it’s worth, Price wore No. 14 during his career in Tampa Bay. He also wore No. 14 during his time at Vanderbilt. He switched to 24 in Boston, where Jim Rice’s No. 14 was retired.

The mystery, for now, will continue.

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UPDATE: Mystery solved. Price is now wearing the No. 10 to honor his son, Xavier. X is the roman numeral for 10.