READING (CBS) – A man from Reading is facing several charges after a tense, armed standoff with police overnight.

Investigators say 38-year-old Jeffrey Logan went up to a man who was shoveling snow late Tuesday night, fired a single gunshot into the air and then went back inside his home on Woburn Street.

Jeffrey Logan was escorted by Reading police Wednesday morning. (WBZ-TV)

“My godson was shoveling, and a tenant walked up to him and pulled out a gun and showed him the gun and fired it right next to him, three feet away,” said Shawn Ferris, who owns the property where the standoff occurred.

A SWAT team and negotiators were called in, but despite repeated attempts to contact him, they say Logan didn’t respond. The standoff lasted several hours.

Jeffrey Logan. (Photo credit: Reading Police)

It ended around 3 a.m. Wednesday when officers eventually got keys to Logan’s second floor apartment from the landlord and found Logan in his bedroom. He was arrested and no one was hurt. No one was else inside the apartment.

“We did recover a silver, semiautomatic firearm, the same one we believe was used to fire the shot,” said Reading Deputy Police Chief David Clark. “He does not have a license to carry firearms.”

Detectives applied for a search warrant to go through Logan’s apartment to see if there are any other weapons or ammunition there.

Police at Logan’s apartment Wednesday morning after the standoff. (Photo credit: Anna Meiler – WBZ-TV)

Neighbors were evacuated during the standoff, but they were eventually allowed back inside their homes.

Ferris said he doesn’t know why this happened. “You just don’t know, you know, really a tenant until you get them.”

Logan is now facing several charges, including disorderly conduct and illegal possession of a firearm. He will be arraigned Wednesday in Woburn District Court.