By Paula Ebben

NATICK (CBS) – When some people leave school, they never want to go back again, but those who become teachers can’t wait to return to the classroom. For the rest of this school year, WBZ is recognizing some of the area’s best educators – we’re calling them “Top Teachers” – and there’s one teacher in Natick who loves her role as a bright young star. In fact, her elementary school has been an important part of her life for a long time.

Lorraine Magee was recommended to us by Jordan Hoffman, the Principal of Johnson Elementary School in Natick. Hoffman says, “She is one who embodies everything we look for in an educator. I’m so thrilled she’s on our team here!”

Ms. Magee, as she’s known to her fourth graders, teaches at a school where she knows the hallways very well – she was once a student there.

Lorraine Magee and a student at Johnson Elementary School in Natick (WBZ-TV)

So how does it feel to have a former student now work as your colleague across the hall? First Grade Teacher Laney George laughs, “Oh it doesn’t make me feel old at all! It’s fantastic. She’s an amazing colleague, and it’s been awesome to see her grow.”

Her fellow fourth grade teacher was her own former fourth grade teacher, Mr. Jefferson Wood – who pulled out her old report card comments and read them: “Lorraine demonstrated high degrees of confidence in all academic areas – her reading developed further…”

He says now as an adult, Lorraine has brought a new world of experience back inside her old school walls. What is it that sets her apart? He says, “She has a lot of fresh ideas and she thinks about the integration of technology in a way that I don’t.”

In fact, Principal Hoffman points out she’s become a district leader who often presents on the tools she uses to enhance her students’ reading skills, like having her fourth graders meet up with experts or students in other countries.

Lorraine Magee, fourth grade teacher at Johnson Elementary School in Natick (WBZ-TV)

Ms. Magee embraces the use of social media and technology on a daily basis, “I love connecting my students with authors and with other students around the world – that’s one of my favorite things to do as a teacher….in order for kids to understand their place in the world they have to connect with it.”

Ms. Magee is currently working on her master’s degree at Lesley University.

We’d like to tell more stories about outstanding educators during this school year so if you know of a “Top Teacher” who deserves to have their story told…just email us at

Paula Ebben

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