YARMOUTH (CBS) – A front desk worker was arrested and fired from his job for allegedly putting a camera in the women’s shower of a Cape Cod resort.

Yarmouth police on Friday responded to a resort on South Shore Drive, where a woman told them she found a camera in the ceiling above a shower in the women’s locker room. An officer looked at surveillance footage from outside the bathroom, which police say showed a male front desk worker go into the women’s locker room and re-emerge 20 minutes later.

Police went back to the resort – which they did not name – the next day, but the front desk worker never showed up for work. Officers went looking for him and arrested him in his girlfriend’s car on Old Townhouse Road.

The department said Anthony Mendes, 25, admitted to his involvement in the case. Police described him as a “convicted felon with 27 priors.”

The Yarmouth man is charged with misleading to obstruct justice by tampering with evidence and secret video recording/ electronic surveillance of partial nudity. He was arraigned in Barnstable District Court Monday and released on $1,000 bail.