BOSTON (CBS) — Long before Sony Michel was known as a Super Bowl champion, and even before he was known nationally as a running back, he was known as a rapper. Now, he’ll be known as a Super Bowl-winning rapper.

The Patriots’ running back, who helped the team to a championship in his rookie season, posted his newest rap song on Instagram this week.

“It’s realizing that a great dream is not as good as a great memory,” the accompanying captions reads. “The dream can be had by anyone. The memory – must be made.”

Rather than celebrate his own accomplishments or scoring the lone touchdown of the Patriots’ Super Bowl win, the message in the snippet posted by Michel is one of his family no longer having to worry about money issues.

Michel’s rap name is also his Twitter and Instagram handle — FlyGuy2Stackz. His music is available on Spotify and YouTube, but he hadn’t come out with much new material since becoming a professional. Naturally, being a member of the Patriots and Tom Brady’s offense doesn’t afford for much time to hang out in the recording studio. But after soaking in the glory of Super Bowl LIII, Michel clearly had to get behind a microphone as soon as possible to commemorate the occasion.


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