NEWTON (CBS) – If you get a phone call from the Newton Police Department asking you to withdraw money, it’s a scam.

Newton police said at least two residents were called by someone spoofing the department’s main phone number, asking them to withdraw money and deposit it into a Bitcoin currency ATM.

Spoofing is when you display a phone number different from the actual number from which a call is placed. In this case, the person used the Newton Police Department’s phone number, leading victims to believe the calls were really from police.

The first victim was accused of laundering money. She was told to withdraw her money from the bank and deposit it into a Bitcoin currency ATM. The victim was threatened with arrest if she didn’t do as she was told.

A second victim was asked for a donation to help with crime-fighting activities. The victim was again directed to a Bitcoin ATM to make a donation.

The police department is asking for people who receive calls from anyone using the department’s main phone number to call the police immediately.

“The Newton Police Department does not ask anyone to withdraw money, under any circumstances,” said the department in a statement.

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