By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) – Liquor before beer, never fear? Or beer for liquor, never sicker? Sound familiar? If you’ve been following this age-old advice, a new study says you can stop. Researchers say, bottom line, if you drink too much, you’ve bought yourself a hangover.

It’s not clear why we get hangovers but for years people have relied on old folk sayings. Apparently in Europe, it’s common to hear, ”Beer before wine, you’ll be fine.” To test this theory, researchers in Germany and the United Kingdom studied 90 volunteers and found that it didn’t matter if they drank beer before wine or wine before beer or even one without the other, in any case, if they drank too much, they developed a similar degree of hangover ailments, like headache and nausea.

That said, people were more likely to develop a hangover if they felt drunk or drank to the point of vomiting, so let that be the lesson. Regardless of your drink of choice, stop drinking before you get intoxicated or get sick.

Dr. Mallika Marshall