By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s been a slow winter for businesses that rely on the snow. Hardware stores around the region are seeing less customers coming in to buy snow storm gear.

A lot of the snow materials people bought haven’t been used yet.

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“Normally we sell a lot more ice melt and shovels so it’s on the slow side this years,” said Leeann Spataro of Swartz Ace Hardware in Newton.

Winter gear at Swartz Ace Hardware in Newton (WBZ-TV)

Swartz Ace Hardware still has plenty of winter equipment to sell.

“We don’t have the contractors coming in that are plowing and so it is makes it a lot harder,” said Spataro.

Newton contractor John Capello of Ieraci Landscaping is feeling the lack of snow. “It’s a tough year for guys like us. Guys that depend on the snow,” said Capello.

He said snow removal is 80% of his business during the winter.

Ieraci Landscaping trucks (WBZ-TV)

“We can do better in four months in the winter than we can all year if it snows. That hasn’t happened,” said Capello.

It is New England, so some are still being optimistic about more snow falling.

“You can’t forget that April Fool’s storm a few years back,” said Spataro.

Mike LaCrosse

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  1. Pb Brown says:

    Fewer customers, not less.

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