By Lisa Hughes

NORTON (CBS) – A dynamic duo from Norton is heading to the Super Bowl of dog competitions, trying to do what’s never been done.

Joe and Lenny are getting set to compete in the Westminster Dog Show, and these two best friends have a lot in common.

Lenny is a Boston terrier. He’s 6 years old,” says Lenny’s owner Joe Freni.

It’s almost go time for Lenny and Joe. The pair from Norton is making last minute preparations at the Silver City Training Center in Taunton for the Westminster Dog Show, the biggest possible stage for dog competitions.

Lenny the Boston terrier (WBZ-TV)

“Yeah, this is the Super Bowl. We’re taking on the role of the underdog, if you will,” Joe says. An underdog for one important reason: “A Boston terrier has actually never won Westminster in 142 years.”

But Lenny has won plenty of other competitions, including being an American Kennel Club Grand Champion. “I’m definitely nervous for sure, but we have so much support behind us, and Lenny’s such a fantastic dog, I feel like I’ve already won.”

Joe will parade Lenny before the judges who will look for consistency, control and posture.

“You’re competing to show the judge that your dog best represents the breed,” Joe says.

Competition is something Joe also knows a lot about. He’s a bodybuilder with his own set of ribbons and trophies.

“It’s dedication, consistency, making sure you’re presenting yourself to the judges in the best possible way,” he says.

If you’re wondering about Lenny’s name, well he’s named after Boston native Leonard Nimoy. It’s the Spock-like ears. Joe and Lenny will compete against 23 other Boston Terriers on Monday in hopes of moving on to the next level of Westminster competition.

Lisa Hughes

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    Lenny is #1 for sure!!!!