BOSTON (CBS) — Kyle Van Noy spent his Sunday evening making life miserable for Rams quarterback Jared Goff. Compared to what the Patriots linebacker did to Max Kellerman on Thursday, Goff got off easy in Super Bowl LIII.

Since the Patriots won the Super Bowl on Sunday, part of Van Noy’s victory lap has been calling out New England haters. On Thursday, he finally got a chance to tussle with one of the team’s biggest critics: ESPN’s Max Kellerman.

Van Noy has called out Kellerman in the past, most notably for his hot take that Tom Brady’s play would fall off a cliff. That was years ago, and while Brady has declined a smidgen, there has been no nosedive for the 41-year-old quarterback.

Because of that famous hot take, Van Noy has told Kellerman that he’d be better off sticking to boxing analysis. He went back to Kellerman’s cliff take on Thursday when he and Patriots rookie running back Sony Michel appeared on ESPN’s “First Take.”

Van Noy called out Kellerman for saying that he would rather have Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers or Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes over Brady. While he may have a point with Mahomes, who just won the MVP at the age of 23, the Rivers argument is pretty lame.

Kellerman wouldn’t budge though, so Van Noy put him in his place.

“We won the Super Bowl. You can’t say nothing. You can sit here and argue with me all you want. At the end of the day [Brady is] the GOAT. The look on your face says it all,” said Van Noy.

Kellerman chimed in, “I hate you, Van Noy,” questioning the linebacker’s support of Brady.

“I’ll take his wet noodle arm any day,” Van Noy said of his quarterback.

There was a sign at New England’s Super Bowl victory parade of Kellerman sporting a red clown nose, dubbing him the “Haterade Player of the Year.” Van Noy disagreed with that sign, saying it gave Kellerman way too much credit.

“First of all, I didn’t have that sign. Because if I had that sign, I probably would have thrown it in the trash, because that’s giving (Kellerman) too much credit,” said Van Noy. “There’s other people that probably deserve it more. I mean, you’ve got (FS1’s) Rob Parker that should be moving to Mexico right now because he said we couldn’t beat the Chiefs.

“We enjoy everybody that doubted us. Thank you, Max,” Van Noy added.

It hasn’t even been a week since the Patriots won their sixth Lombardi trophy in franchise history, but Van Noy has already checked one of the biggest haters off his list. This is going to be one fun off-season for Van Noy.


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