By Paula Ebben

WORCESTER (CBS) – In “Lucky You,” Joyner Lucas raps that he’ll likely never win a Grammy, but that could change on Sunday.

The collaboration with Eminem is up for Best Rap Song. A second song, “I’m Not A Racist,” is up for Best Music Video.

His hard-hitting lyrics may not be kid-friendly, but Joyner himself definitely fits that description.

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“He really loves children and loves youth in the area and he wants to give them a better future,” explained Kelly Hurley, of the Friendly House in Worcester. The Friendly House provides social services and after-school care for kids in the Grafton Hill area of Worcester. Back in November, Joyner donated $5,000 to the organization. The money was used to buy every kid a winter coat.

Hurley was overwhelmed when she heard the news, “Some kids said, ‘I never had a coat.'”

Joyner, a South High Community School grad, even returned to Worcester for the surprise. “To be able to see him here witnessing that was just moving — really, really heartfelt.”


Warming hearts, and more, during our cold winter months. We met up with some of the kids arriving at the Friendly House in the middle of a cold winter rain. Months after the donation they are still grateful.

Here’s a sample of what they had to say:

“I think my coat is awesome.”

“It’s my favorite coat because my favorite singer got it for me.”

“It keeps me warm on rainy days.”

“It was really nice of him to get us the coats.”

Joyner’s connection to Worcester runs deep. The title of his 2017 album was even a 508 phone number.

“He’s not searching for the fame. He’s doing what he loves and making people happy along the process,” said Hurley. “He made a lot of people here happy.”

The Grammy Awards air Sunday, February 10, on WBZ-TV at 8 p.m.

Paula Ebben


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