BOSTON (CBS) — After the Eagles beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Philadelphia offensive lineman Lane Johnson spent the better part of the offseason mocking the Pats.

The Patriots have not forgotten, and after winning Super Bowl LIII, now it’s their turn to return the favor.

Johnson had plenty of disparaging things to say about New England’s football team, but the big one was calling them a “fear-based organization” that didn’t have any fun.

“We’d much rather have fun and win a Super Bowl than be miserable and win five Super Bowls,” Johnson said on the PMT podcast. “But hey, it is what it is.”

Now that the Patriots are Super Bowl champs once again, for a sixth time in franchise history, they’re letting Johnson know that they are indeed having fun. At Tuesday’s Super Bowl parade through Boston, safeties Duron Harmon and Devin McCourty called out Johnson on Instagram.

“Somebody said it wasn’t fun to play in New England,” McCourty starts. Harmon then called out Johnson by name.

“Lane Johnson, when you go to four Super Bowls in six years, that’s fun baby! Three wins!” he shouted. “What’s wrong with you, Lane Johnson?”

McCourty’s face when Harmon says he has three Super Bowl wins was priceless.

The Patriots certainly looked like they were having fun on Tuesday, with 1.5 million fans joining them in their Super Bowl celebration. As for Johnson, he joked that he fell asleep during the Patriots’ Super Bowl LIII victory over the Rams. At least that sleep led to silence, for once.


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