BOSTON (CBS) – Headed into Super Bowl LIII, the excitement was over the top and in the days before the big game, WBZ brought you stories about some super Patriots fans.

On Monday, we went back to some of them to see how they’re doing now that the Patriots have yet another championship title.

There’s the college kid with Patriots Super Bowl Roman numerals tattooed on his back. “If they keep winning I will keep tattooing, that is a guarantee,” said Eddy Ferrini.

The Haverhill man with the Patriots themed man cave. “I got the rings and now I gotta add one more,” said Gary Seaman.

Gary Seaman in his Patriots man cave (WBZ-TV)

And the auto body shop in East Boston with the tradition of creating elaborate Super Bowl displays. “It’s wild,” said Eric Danilchuk. “People were out here right up until kickoff.”

And everyone is celebrating.

Last year, Ferrini got tattoos celebrating Patriots Super Bowl wins, but he got last year’s number 52, LII, before the game. The Patriots lost to the Eagles. But after Sunday’s win, redemption and an easy fix.

Eddy Ferrini’s Super Bowl tattoos (WBZ-TV)

“Definitely gonna get the tattoo fixed, add the extra I and probably a Patriot Super Bowl Champs above it,” Ferrini said. After the game he ‘penciled’ it in with a sharpie, this week he makes it permanent.

Gary Seaman hosted about 30 people in the Patriots man cave he built in his Haverhill home and the crowd went wild at the win.

“I just put my head down and said ‘oh boy I love this, I love this,’” Seaman said.

An East Boston auto shop continued its Super Bowl tradition with a Patriots-Rams display. (Image Credit: Danilchuk Auto Body)

And at Danilchuk Auto Body in East Boston, their display backed up traffic on Route 1A before and after the game.

“Then after the game it was mayhem,” Eric Danilchuk said. “Horns were going off, people beeping it was basically a party out here.”