WATERTOWN (CBS) — “It’s really kind of creepy to know that someone is in your house and you are there,” said one Watertown woman after her house was broken into while she was home Friday. Police said five homes were broken into on Barnard Avenue, Franklin Street, Stearns Road, and Stoneleigh Circle.

Three of the homes were occupied at the time of the break-ins.

One woman, who did not want to be identified, told WBZ-TV the thieves broke into her bedroom.

“This window had been pushed way up, screen was broken, all this stuff was all over the floor and all over. And this other drawer was open,” she described. “They had gone through every box.”

A woman in Watertown said thieves stole her gold jewelry during a break-in Friday night (WBZ-TV)

Sally Vargas was also a victim. “They ended up rifling through everything,” she said.

She and her husband were downstairs watching T.V. when someone broke into their second-floor window.

“They had no fear. They were just in and out and in pretty fast,” she said.

Both women said the thieves were after one thing: gold jewelry.

“That was it. They just took jewelry and they just took gold jewelry,” said Vargas.

The other woman commented, “They didn’t touch any sterling stuff. Only gold and they were very particular.”

Watertown police investigating. “As a reminder, please ensure that your home is secure, lock your doors and windows, including your car, even if it’s in your driveway! We need the public to be extra vigilant and immediately report anything and everything you believe is suspicious,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Anyone with information is asked to call 617-972-6500.


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