BOSTON (CBS) – Firefighters rushed to the rescue of a dog who went into distress while out for a swim in the waters of Pleasure Bay in South Boston Sunday morning.

Kai, a 12-year-old golden retriever, enjoys swimming. But just before 10 a.m., the dog’s owner reported that Kai had gone out too far and wasn’t able to swim back.

Firefighters reach Kai, a dog who swam out too far. (Image Credit: Boston Fire Department)

Kai had been in the water 30-40 minutes before firefighters arrived.

A technical rescue team used a zodiac boat to reach the dog and bring him to safety.

Kai is brought safely back to shore. (Image Credit: Boston Fire Department)

The Boston Fire Department said it was fortunate crews just had water rescue training last week and “it showed today.”

“The dog typically didn’t go out that but in this case here for whatever reason he did. But it looks like all in all it was a happy ending,” said a fire official.

Kai was treated by Boston EMS and then taken to the vet with his owner.

  1. Mary Gurney Fiske says:

    thank you to the Boston Fire Dept!! It is written that you can tell a lot aabout a country and city by the way they treat their animals.

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