By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – They may not have tickets to the big game, but their pride for the Patriots is passionate and real. The town of Foxboro came together on Saturday afternoon for a rally on behalf of their hometown team.

“This our third year in row having a rally it n ever gets old. It means a lot for our own home town to come together for our Patriots,” said Lynda Walsh, organizer of the event.

Eleven-year-old Evan Vieira got all dressed up, and it’s the same uniform he plans to wear during the Super Bowl.

“I am losing my mind. I am ready to go Beat LA. Beal LA,” said Vieira.

A few dozen of the Foxboro faithful came to the town common. Many of these people can’t make it to the game, but doesn’t mean they are not true die-hards and showing their pride for the Patriots.

“These are the real fans who can’t afford season tickets or go to the Super Bowl. So, these are the real fans – out in the cold losing their voice,” Sandra Bell said.

But the cold was no match for the excitement.

“It’s a little cold, but we’re excited, and we are pumped to support our team,” said Paul Donnelly.

“It’s great – great town and great tradition,” said Mike Stuart.

Paul Burton


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