RAYMOND, N.H. (CBS) – Police in New Hampshire are looking for a box truck involved in a frightening accident that could have been prevented and left another driver battered and bloody.

The truck was heading west on Route 101 in Raymond around 3:30 p.m. Thursday when a piece of ice flew off the roof and slammed into the windshield of a state Department of Transportation pickup truck, which was about five cars behind at the time.

Bill Taylor’s truck. (Photo credit: New Hampshire State Police)

The ice pierced the windshield and hit the driver, Bill Taylor, in the head.

Taylor recounted what happened in a comment on the New Hampshire State Police Facebook page about the incident:

“A solid block of ice approximately 24″ x 12″ x 6″ flew off the roof of the truck and somersaulted towards me. I had the time to swerve but was concerned that I would collide with the other vehicles around me. I took that twenty pound block of ice to the head, stayed conscious and pulled my truck onto the shoulder safely,” Taylor wrote.

The view inside Bill Taylor’s truck. (Photo credit: New Hampshire State Police)

“The driver of the truck pulled onto the shoulder about a quarter mile down the road and waited. He took off when the ambulance showed up, undoubtedly because he knew the police weren’t far behind. I did everything I could to operate my truck safely, not involve any other cars or make the situation worse.”

He later posted photos of his wounds on Facebook.

“I got some stitches in my head and a fat lip but I am alive. Just for all of you folks that are saying that I may have brought this upon myself: I was quite a ways behind the truck,” Taylor said, thanking his friends for the well-wishes.

He and State Police had a message for all drivers – follow Jessica’s Law and clear all snow and ice from your car before driving.

Bill Taylor’s truck. (Photo credit: New Hampshire State Police)

“I am lucky to be alive. Everyone please there is no debate to be had. Clean off your vehicles prior to getting on the roads,” Taylor said.

  1. Chris Phoenix says:

    There is absolutely no excuse to leave ice on your vehicle. I see some of the largest vehicles on the road totally clean and clear, and it only takes hitting one small bump to risk actually impaling someone through their windshield.

    This man us lucky, but I do think people need to have their license temporarily suspended if they’re caught with this. Can’t drive responsibly? DON’T DRIVE.

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