BOSTON (CBS) — Flights headed to Atlanta from Logan Airport Friday morning were full of Patriots fans headed to the big game. Super Bowl regulars and first-time attendees all showed their excitement.

Among them was Tom Mullins with his two friends from Billerica. The crew tailgates every home game at Foxboro’s Gillette Stadium together.

Tom Mullins is headed to the Super Bowl with two friends Friday morning (WBZ-TV)

“I got a little bit of butterflies, no doubt about that,” said Mullins.

Even though he has been to the Super Bowl before, Mullins said it never gets old.

“It’s exciting when you first walk into that stadium for the first time and you look at the field and you look at everything going around and you say ‘wow, I’m a lucky guy.'”

He and his friends said they are confident Pats fans will outnumber Rams fans. Delta Airlines has added multiple last-minute flights to accommodate Patriots nation.

Jeff Copher was headed out on an 8:15 a.m. flight. He is meeting up with his brothers-in-law in Atlanta for his first Super Bowl.

Jeff Copher is headed to his first Super Bowl (WBZ-TV)

“Feeling pretty excited, it’s pretty early in the morning obviously, but we’re stoked to get down there and enjoy the weekend, the festivities, hopefully, the weather holds up,” Copher said.

“We’re going to be screaming our faces off, cheering for them, trying to get loud, you know… We’re definitely excited to see them out there.”

Copher is a season-ticket holder but hasn’t been able to get Super Bowl tickets through the raffle in years past. This year, he just bought tickets on his own for $2,500 a piece.

“It was just kind of on a whim, obviously you can’t get tickets or figure it out until a week and a half before,” he said. But it was “worth it.”

He added, “We just decided to pull the trigger here because, who knows, it could be Brady’s last Super Bowl.”

John Kaletski had the same thought. “Very first Super Bowl. Checking it off the bucket list… We don’t know how many years Tom Brady has so let’s do it now,” he said.


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