By Bill Shields

EASTON (CBS) – The Monday after a Patriots Super Bowl game is hard on a lot of New Englanders, including students. Sleep–deprived fans are everywhere, and many schools have taken to backing-up their Monday morning start times an hour or two to give the kids a little more sleep.

But Southeastern Regional Voc Tech High School is trying something new this year. “When the Patriots score, our kids score,” said Superintendent Lou Lopes.

The plan they’ve come up with is pretty interesting: For every point the Pats score, the kids can add a point to a test score or homework assignment.

“But they have to show up on time Monday morning,” said Lopes, “so it will teach them responsibility. That showing up on time is important, and there is a reward.”

We asked several seniors if they already had plans for their points, and yes, they did.

“My physics score is a little low, so I’ll apply it to that, maybe bring it up to an A,” said one student.

“I’ll apply it to my history class,” another student said. “Because the Pats are gonna make history this Sunday baby!”

And history teacher Steve Kelley was hopeful there might be a secondary advantage to the points incentives: “Senioritis. It’s going around. Maybe the points can help cure a little of that.”

So here’s hoping he Patriots score a lot of points just to help the kids at Southeastern Voc Tech if nothing else.

Bill Shields


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