WATERTOWN (CBS) – The second you step inside the Pettiglio’s home in Watertown you can see they are Patriots super fans.

Mark Pettiglio’s Patriots tattoo. (WBZ-TV)

Mark has a Pats tattoo, Ann-Marie’s nails are painted red and blue and their dog, Pookie, is even wearing a Patriots jersey.

Ann-Marie Pettiglio’s Patriots nails. (WBZ-TV)

Plus, their home is full of memorabilia.

And now this weekend, the couple is heading to their tenth Patriots Super Bowl.

“Oh my God, I am so excited. I haven’t slept in weeks I don’t think. I’m filled with anticipation,” Mark Pettiglio told WBZ-TV.

Mark grew up a passionate Pats fan and Ann-Marie quickly turned into one when they got married. They became season ticket holders six weeks after their wedding.

“I’ve been a fan ever since and it’s been 25 years and I’m enjoying every minute of it,” said Ann-Marie Pettiglio.

It’s not hard to spot the Pettiglios in the stands at Gillette Stadium. They have front row seats with a banner that says “Brady’s Corner.”

(Photo credit: Mark and Ann-Marie Pettiglio)

“Brady’s Corner is the welcome wagon for the visiting team coming on to the field at Gillette Stadium,” said Mark. “We let them know it’s the home of the GOAT and they have no chance of winning.”

Their big presence has earned them selfies with Pat Patriot, members of the Kraft family and Governor Charlie Baker. In two-and-a-half decades they’ve only missed a handful of home games.

“Because of deaths in the family. And they have to be close people. They have to be close,” joked Mark.

The Pettiglios were at Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl win against the Rams in 2002.

“That’s definitely my favorite Super Bowl,” said Ann-Marie.

“I still get goosebumps. I have goosebumps right now,” said Mark.

Mark and Ann-Marie Pettiglio. (WBZ-TV)

Now 17 years later, as the Pats prepare for a rematch, the excitement is the same.

“It’s magical absolutely magical. Three in a row? Who does that? It’s crazy!,” said Mark.

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