By Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – This is the story about a beer as powerful as The Patriots.

A crowd was allowed inside the Sam Adams brewery this morning after lining up outside at about 8 a.m. in ridiculous temperatures for a taste of a special Sam Adams beer.


“A big bold New England beer for a big, bold New England team,” said Sam Adams brewer Jennifer Glanville. “We can’t wait for them to bring it home on Sunday.”

The Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here is a farmhouse double New England IPA. That means it’s strong and brewed in honor of a strong team, with a goat on the can.

(Image Credit: Sam Adams Brewery)

The first 199 people that showed up to the brewery could purchase one crowler per person. (TB12 was selected 199th in the 2000 draft.) For everyone else, the beer is available on draft in the tap room until the kegs are kicked.

“Brady is the greatest player of a time. I love the team. I love the atmosphere. I hate the haters,” said one person who attended the event.


While some enjoyed the beer, some saw the beer as a collector’s item.

“I will not drink the beer,” said one man who attended the event.

Bill Shields


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