ATLANTA (CBS) — You may have heard by now, but there’s a chance that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski retires after Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII against the Los Angeles Rams.

The retirement rumors go back to last year, when it was reported the day of Super Bowl LII that Gronk was considering stepping away from the game. That obviously didn’t happen, with Gronkowski gearing up for yet another Super Bowl appearance, but the rumblings about his life after football have been back in full force this week.

Asked how many times he’s been hit with a retirement inquiry since arriving in Atlanta on Monday, Gronk put the number around 30. Then he said that it was probably more like 50 times.

And then the tight end decided to have some fun with the incessant badgering about his future. WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche asked Gronkowski if his answer has changed, just to mess with people.

“Today is a maybe,” Gronkowski said before erupting into a hearty belly laugh.

Between the McCourty twins switching jerseys, some dude singing Queen to Tom Brady, and Gronk trolling the media, Thursday was a pretty fun day for the New England Patriots.


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