BOSTON (CBS) – It might seem like the Patriots are in the Super Bowl every year. But Robert Kraft’s message to his organization heading into this year’s game is simple – that won’t always be the case.

“You might never be here again,” the Patriots owner said in an interview with CBS This Morning when asked about his message to players heading into Sunday. “It took us almost 30 years to get to our first game. We try to make sure people are completely focused on nothing else but the game and doing what they can to close the order.”

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Kraft said the key to his success has been the people who have been a part of the organization since he took over 25 years ago.

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“In life, if you want to develop something that has sustainability, the first thing is you try to attract good people that fit your culture,” Kraft said. “The trick of that is to make sure there’s never division from within. There can be a lot of different opinions from within. But you keep it together and get everyone to check their ego at the front door.”

Tom Brady told ESPN this week there is “zero” chance he retires following the Super Bowl. Kraft added that he doesn’t see Bill Belichick walking away either.

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“We have a great pact,” Kraft said. “He loves what he does. He’s so good at it. We’ve created an environment where he can work to the best of his abilities. So I’m quite confident he’ll be back.”