ATLANTA (CBS) — Tom Brady is a fierce competitor, but the Patriots quarterback always seems pretty calm and collected when he’s on the football field.

That was not always the case. As a kid, Brady had a bit of a temper, and several video game controllers did not make it out of the Brady household alive.

During his Tuesday media session in Atlanta as the Patriots prepare for Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, Brady admitted to being a “poor sport” when he was younger. That led to many broken controllers when Brady was on the losing end.

“I definitely broke some remote controls when I was a kid. I was a very poor sport,” he said. “I just remember losing and taking the remote and slamming it down over and over.

“If my kids did that today, I don’t know what the hell I would do, but I wouldn’t be happy,” Brady added.

Fittingly, as Brady talked about smashing technology, a loud tone startled the him at the podium. The machines are taking over, and they’re not a fan of those who used to smash video game controllers.

But that wasn’t the only time a younger Brady lost his temper. He also said he remembers punching a whole in a wall at the Brady home, but for a different reason other than video games that he wouldn’t expand upon.

“That’s a very personal story,” he said.

There was also an instance when Brady was playing golf with his father, Tom Sr., and was losing pretty bad. When Brady lost, he had to pay for his father’s car wash, and the younger Brady lost a lot. One day, he smashed a golf club like he did with his video game remotes, and received quite a scolding from papa Brady.

“My dad took me off the course, brought me to the car and said, ‘If you ever do that again you’re never coming up here and never playing.’ I was crying. I was so sad. I think that probably hurt my dad to do that as a parent,” he recalled.

Brady said he learned a great lesson that day. While he’s a fiery competitor, it never helps to lose his cool, whether it’s during a football game or a round of golf, or even while playing video games.




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