MALDEN (CBS) – On January 29, 2013, two men walked into Patriot Skateboards on Main Street in Malden and killed the owner, Shawn Clark. Six years later there are still no arrests in his murder.

Surveillance video from the store shows the men walk into the store just after 12:30 p.m. There was a confrontation and Clark was shot multiple times by one of the men. Both men ran away.

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Clark was 39 years old, married and had two young sons. He was a Marine veteran who had served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Shawn Clark (WBZ-TV)

His mother is still fighting for his murder to be solved. “I never thought it would take this long I never did it’s like time froze for me standing here now it feels like it’s just happened,” Anita Clark said.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office continues to look for help from the public.

Police pulled pictures of two suspects off several surveillance cameras. They believe those suspects tried to rob Shawn inside of his skate shop and opened fire when the Marine did not let that happen.

The 2 suspects in Shawn Clark’s 2013 murder. (Image credit: Middlesex County District Attorney)

“They shot him multiple times in rage,” said Anita. “I often just think about the rage the person had to just continue to shoot someone until they are dead and continue shooting once they’re dead.”

Anita continued, “I pulled up and the crime scene tape was here the bullets were there the medical emergency equipment was still there. Shawn wasn’t here. I went to identify him at the hospital and I honestly didn’t want to think it was him.”

One of the 2 suspects in Shawn Clark’s 2013 murder. (Image credit: Middlesex County District Attorney)

Clark’s family believes someone had to have seen something.

“I just sit here and try to process how nobody, nobody has stepped forward to say anything,” said aunt Kim Clark.

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“It is heartbreaking. I live with his grandmother and every morning she wakes up upset hoping that we will find these killers before she passes,” she said.


One of the 2 suspects in Shawn Clark’s 2013 murder. (Image credit: Middlesex County District Attorney)

“Investigators believe the murder of Shawn Clark can be solved and are hopeful that over the passing of these six years someone who knows something may decide to come forward and speak to detectives,” District Attorney Marian Ryan said in a statement Tuesday.

“On occasion with other crimes, a citizen has come forward with a small detail which may not appear to have significance to the person but which has opened doors for detectives and sent them along a path that has led to an arrest.”

“  Apprehending and convicting the perpetrators won’t bring Shawn back but it will give us a little more peace in our lives just knowing they are being held responsible for what they’ve done,” Anita Clark said.

“Somebody needs to give it up. Somebody needs to talk. There is somebody out there who knows what’s going on and they finally need to open their mouths and let them know because it could be somebody in their family next. These animals are out on the street they could be taking your son next, your nephew next, your husband next or your father next. They need to get these people,” Kim Clark added.

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Anyone with information is asked to call Malden Police at (781) 397-7171 or Massachusetts State Police at (781) 897-6600.