By Juli McDonald

WRENTHAM (CBS) – A playful puppy in Wrentham is fortunately feeling better after she found herself in a painful position over the weekend. Daisy’s owner discovered the problem Sunday, after tossing the dog a snack.

“I said why isn’t she eating that? I looked and a pull toy was lodged,” Irene Levesque said. “She had somehow gotten it over her chin. It was stuck.”

Toy stuck in Daisy’s mouth (Courtesy photo)

The family had just bought the Benebone Dental Dog Chew Toy, and it wasn’t budging. Daisy was breathing, so they drove to Wrentham Fire for help.

“The firemen did a great job, firefighters and one police officer was there. Everyone tried to remove it,” Levesque said.

Irene Levesque (WBZ-TV)

They used multiple tools, including a hydraulic cutter, to attempt to free the toy. But firefighters didn’t want to hurt the dog, who was growing more upset. They recommended she be taken to the Tufts Vet Emergency in Walpole. Daisy was sedated and an oscillating saw – used to cut casts – safely removed it.

“I was crying in the corner. I was very upset. My husband was upset. This is his baby. They get your heart you know?” Levesque said.

Daisy had a chew toy cut from her mouth (WBZ-TV)

Irene trusted when she bought the chew toy that it was safe. Now she’s urging other owners to review what’s in their homes – to protect their pets and kids.

“Luckily we were home. If we had left her home and went out for a few hours and came back, I don’t know what would have happened,” Levesque said. “She was really getting stressed out.”

Juli McDonald

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  1. oh my goodness, how scary literally almost bought the same shape toy… definitely won’t! Thank you for sharing this, my poor Leo pup would’ve been hurting

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