BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady won’t be riding off into the sunset if the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

Some have speculated the possibility that if New England wins on Sunday, Brady could head into retirement on top. The quarterback emphatically put that speculation to rest – yet again.

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In an interview with Jeff Darlington for ESPN, Brady was asked how much of a chance there is that this is his final game. Brady used his hand to signal zero.

“Zero. There’s zero (chance). I’ve said that for a long time,” Brady said. “I feel like I’m asked that a lot and I feel like I repeat the same answer, but no one believes me.”

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Brady admitted that this year was a challenge at times. He said that some seasons are “linear” where the team clicks from start to finish. This year’s team, he says, took time finding its form.

“There are some other years you’ve got to fight and claw – 2001 was like that. This year has been like that,” Brady said. “You’ve got to believe you can do it. The team has a lot of poise. There’s no panic in our coach. Sometimes when you lose, that’s when you learn the most.”

As for when he’ll retire, Brady remains committed to playing until he’s 45 years old. He said he will know when the time comes to step away.

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“I’m gunna know. I’m gunna know when the time’s right. I’m going to feel like ‘OK I’ve had enough.’ I don’t quite feel like that yet,” Brady said. “I’ve still made a lot of improvements and feel like I can continue to do it at a championship level. That’s where I was at before and that’s still where I’m at now.”