BOSTON (CBS) — Trent Dilfer has had a hard time living down his famous comments about the Patriots in 2014, shouting that they were “not good anymore” following a blowout loss in Week 4.

It was certainly an embarrassing defeat for the Patriots that night in Kansas City, but given that they went on to win the Super Bowl a few months later, Dilfer’s comments will forever be part of New England lore.

And it isn’t just fans who remind the former ESPN analyst of that proclamation. As the Patriots celebrated their comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, Patriots safties coach Steve Belichick — the son of head coach Bill Belichick — let Dilfer know how silly those comments were two-and-a-half years after the fact.

“The only encounter I had, and I understood it, was on the field after the game against the Falcons (in Super Bowl LI). That Super Bowl, the great comeback and the late win, Bill’s son got in my face and was pretty adamant reminding me,” Dilfer recounted during an interview on WEEI on Thursday morning. “He must not have heard the 30,000 apologies that I made in owning the stupidity of my comments in the media. That was the only grudge, I guess.”

Dilfer confirmed that it was Steve who approached him, and said it really wasn’t a big deal.

“I get it. Hey, if I was an athlete, when I was playing and if people said stupid things about me, I carried it too. I held onto it. I used it as motivation. I resented those people. I totally 100 percent understand it. I have never run from it because it’s part of the job.

“People at the end of the day in the NFL, there’s a lot of emotion, a lot of excitement and conflict at times,” he continued. “As a fraternity in general, I think we all understand the level of emotion and the level of enthusiasm both good and bad that goes into being part of the NFL community and it is part of the deal.”

Bill Belichick certainly uses what is said in the media as bulletin board material for his team, but rarely does he ever acknowledge it in public. Apparently, his son handles those duties for him.

The Patriots will take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3, with kickoff set for 6:30 p.m. on WBZ-TV/CBS!


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