BOSTON (CBS) — A fan potentially interfering with the AFC Championship Game by shining a laser pointer into a quarterback’s face has the potential to be a major scandal. But Patriots owner Robert Kraft doesn’t seem to want that to be the case.

Speaking to Michael Strahan on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, Kraft was asked to weigh in on the incident.

“Well it doesn’t happen when you come to Foxboro,” Kraft said.

The owner then shifted the story to the performance of Tom Brady.

“I just hear the word ‘laser,’ and I think of Tommy and his eyes,” Kraft said. “And that last drive, we had three third down-and-10’s, and he was laser-focused. So whatever it was, I think it was a positive influence. But I think part of the security check has to be sure those kinds of things don’t happen.”

Kraft also spoke highly of the job done by the officials and referees in both championship games, despite the controversy surrounding the ending of the NFC Championship Game in New Orleans. Kraft referred back to the controversial roughing the passer penalty on “Sugar Bear” Hamilton that cost the 1976 Patriots a trip to the Super Bowl, but he said the referees perform a challenging job very well.

“In life, I’ve learned things happen, nothing’s perfect, no excuses, you make it happen, you do your best. We have human error sometimes, but we have to move on. It’s unfortunate, and we have to be diligent about trying to get it corrected,” Kraft said. “They actually do a great job. I’ll tell you in our game in K.C., there were a number of controversial calls that they needed to get right, and they got ’em all right. And the crowd is there … they have a tough job.”

Kraft, though, did tip his hand before making that statement.

“First of all, we have one more game left. So I love the refs,” he said with a laugh.


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