By Louisa Moller

BOSTON (CBS) – Neighbors of the man accused of kidnapping Olivia Ambrose say he displayed bizarre behavior and was known for giving girls unwanted attention.

Victor Pena, 38, was arrested at his Walford Way apartment building in a Charlestown housing project on Tuesday. Police say Pena held Ambrose there against her will.

A woman who stays with her grandmother in the apartment below Pena’s says she heard loud music coming from his place on the night before Ambrose was rescued.

Victor Pena cried in Charlestown District Court, Jan. 22, 2019. (WBZ-TV)

She also claims that he once tried to coax her 14-year-old cousin into his apartment.

On separate occasions, she says her grandmother saw him throwing his feces out of his second story window and heard him banging the walls.

“She said she heard like a hammer, he was like breaking down like a wall,” the neighbor said.

Charlestown apartment building where kidnapping suspect Victor Pena was living (WBZ-TV)

Katrina McDonald, a neighbor in a nearby building, told reporters that Pena often looked at girls in an inappropriate way.

“They’d be like, he’s a pervert, get away from him or stop following me. And then, he’d give that sneaky laugh, like it was perverted,” McDonald said.

McDonald believes someone on Walford Way identified Pena and called police, leading them to find Ambrose.

“All the little girls around here have been scared of him and I really think his neighbors did. As soon as they saw his face, they knew who he was,” McDonald said.

Louisa Moller


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