BOSTON (CBS) – A man is under arrest after Transit Police say he “viciously” whipped his dog with its leash at the Ashmont Station.

It happened Tuesday just before 7 p.m. Witnesses told police the man, later identified as 26-year-old Michael Webb of Natick, was abusing his dog on the southbound platform.

Police said that when they approached Webb, who is about 6’7” and 300 pounds, he suggested they “needed more than two officers to take him.”

Michael Webb, of Natick, is accused of beating his dog at an MBTA station (Photo credits: MBTA Transit Police)

Additional officers arrived and Webb was arrested. He is charged with cruelty to animals.

While booking Webb, Transit Police discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest in Boston Municipal Court for the same charge.

The animal control officer took custody of Coco, a mixed breed dog.

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  1. Bunnie Murphy Krueger says:


  2. Do under to others… can we line up and whip him? Sorry, that’s how I feel about people that abuse defenseless animals.

  3. Tammy Marshall Bower says:

    OMG, that poor dog! I hope karma steps in…. Is the dog safe now?

    1. Kirsten Westfall says:

      I think so- animal control took the dog- I’m quite sure they wouldn’t give the dog back to this monster! What a deplorable human!

      1. What all the articles are leaving out is that the same charge involves the SAME DOG. How dare they give her back to him. Makes her sleep outside with him and when she cries, he whales on her. It’s absolutely absurd.

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