By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — In recent years, some names in the media have come out as staunch anti-Patriots voices. It’s a brigade headed by Max Kellerman on ESPN, but it’s also come to include Shannon Sharpe and Rob Parker on Fox Sports.

Now, the exact reason that Parker has been able to join this esteemed company is not exactly known. His commentary on the Patriots has resembled that of a deranged, jilted ex-lover. There are only two possible reasons for his level of commentary: either he’s truly suffering from mental anguish caused by the Patriots, or he knows it’ll get people talking about him.

(I don’t know Rob, but my gut tells me it’s the latter.)

Nevertheless, he speaks, and people react.

And now, the people reacting includes the Patriots themselves, who tweeted this video out on Tuesday afternoon.

Clearly, the Patriots have their ears wide open for any and all doubters who may show up in the national and local media. Kyle Van Noy’s started his own little Twitter campaign to celebrate it:

Tom Brady told Tracy Wolfson that “everyone thinks we suck.” The Patriots released a dunk video on Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman last week.

Clearly, the Patriots — somehow, in year 18 of this remarkable, unparalleled run of success — have found a way to embrace an underdog role. The results on the field thus far will tell you that it’s working.

But of course, what gets overlooked in these matters is the likely fact that being featured in a video created by the Patriots organization was likely the highlight of Kellerman’s week last week. Likewise, Parker is probably overjoyed to have been featured in this week’s slam video, as it guarantees him another week of attention for his spouting of nonsense.

The best way to treat such jokesters was handled properly by an old Simpsons episode: just don’t look.

The best way to limit bird-brained commentary on the national sports networks would probably be to just ignore it. Alas, that is not always a reasonable reaction for most people, and so the Patriots are leaning in to fighting back against the haters. In doing so, it will certainly add some more incentive for that invective to continue.

The Patriots seem fine with that … just so long as they can make sure that most of the people who are paying attention to those voices are doing so while cackling.