BOSTON (CBS) — While most of the snow arrived overnight, freezing rain continued into Sunday, making it hard for anyone to drive or just clear their driveway.

On Route 95 South in Milton, several cars had to be towed after sliding off the highway. Pedro Feliz said it was a close call for him.

Pedro Feliz watches as his car is about to be towed from the snow on Route 95 in Milton Sunday (WBZ-TV)

“It’s super slippery out here. When you came around the corner, I hit some much ice, the car spun all the way around and a car came towards me. Automatically, I flew right into the wall. So please be careful out here it’s super, super slippery out here,” said Feliz.

In Dorchester, Morrisey Boulevard was temporarily closed due to tidal flooding.

All the rain also made it difficult to shovel. Steve Chu of Braintree said he was at it for hours.

“I came out here earlier and I was actually soaked through and I had to change clothes and come back out again,” Chu said.

Alan Boschetto, also from Braintree, said his snow blower could barely keep up.

“Extremely heavy, it’s caking up very quickly. So it’s making it tough to push as you can tell from the sweat beating down my head,” he said.

Plow driver Bill Cash had been plowing since 11 p.m. Saturday. He was exhausted but persevering.

“It’s giving you everything: ice, snow, rain, sleet,” Cash said of the storm.